Special Matters and Investigations

Businesses and individuals faced with a government investigation, criminal indictment, or trial need immediate, creative, and sound legal advocacy. Regulators, prosecutors, and other investigative entities strike in silence and swiftly.  WWHGD’s Special Matters and Investigations team is led by battle-tested former federal and state prosecutors with vast experience in complex criminal proceedings and government investigations.  Available seven days a week, our team is trial-ready, and we routinely manage sensitive matters in the following areas: 

  •             Administrative and internal investigations
  •             Antitrust violations
  •             Banking and finance violations
  •             Bribery and other corruption involving public officials
  •             Consumer and commercial fraud
  •             Controlled substances
  •             Data breach and other privacy violations
  •             Embezzlement and other forms of dishonest business schemes
  •             Foreign corrupt practices
  •             False claims
  •             Healthcare fraud
  •             Identity theft
  •             Money laundering
  •             Obstruction of justice
  •             Organized crime (RICO)
  •             Securities fraud
  •             Tax evasion
  •             Trade secret theft
  •             Health care fraud
  •             Wire and mail fraud


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