Targeted: A Corporate Response to a Federal Target Letter

Corporate Compliance Insights

In an article published by Corporate Compliance Insights, Brooklyn Sawyers Belk provides insight on how companies should respond upon receipt of a target letter from federal investigators. Sawyers Belk states that the first course of action to take upon receipt of a target letter is to consult with outside counsel, such as someone with extensive DOJ experience, who is likely to recommend following the target letter’s second admonition – remain silent to avoid self-incrimination. Contacting counsel immediately upon receipt ensures a timely response so not to miss the letter’s deadline to respond. She then suggests issuing a preservation letter to the relevant corporate employees and agents directing them to preserve all information. She adds that it is also important to determine the corporate story, who will best tell that story and how the corporation can present that story to make the best of the undesirable situation. For the full article, please visit Corporate Compliance Insights at 

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