Summer Associates


Our firm takes pride in selecting exceptional summer clerks who we hope will one day join us as practicing attorneys. We expect much from our young associates, who are immediately called upon to take ownership of their cases from inception to trial. Accordingly, we seek candidates who are quick to learn and adapt and have the confidence to embrace the challenges that come with a high level of responsibility.

Our attorneys come from a variety of backgrounds, but share a common competitive spirit, creativity and a commitment to achieve the best possible result for our clients. We value these traits in a candidate as much as academic success or pedigree.  


The intent of our summer program is to give clerks a preview of what their practice will be like as a young associate at our firm. As a clerk, you will work alongside our attorneys, doing real work on real cases.

Like our associates, our clerks are given a wide array of assignments that can involve any phase of litigation. During the course of a summer, our clerks may prepare initial pleadings and discovery; assist with deposition strategy; draft dispositive motions; and provide support to a trial team.

Our firm’s finest work is done outside of the office. Summer clerks learn from the best by observing our attorneys at proceedings such as depositions, hearings, mediations, trials and arbitrations.

While there are no formal rules on rotation through specific practice areas, we pay careful attention to our clerks' workloads to ensure that they have an opportunity to interact with a variety of attorneys on a range of cases. 

Our firm is made up of colleagues and friends, and summer clerks are encouraged to socialize with our attorneys and their families. However, while plenty of social events are offered during the summer, we recognize and respect our clerks' personal commitments outside of the firm.


With every project, our summer clerks receive valuable guidance and training from their assigning attorneys. In addition, each of our clerks is assigned an attorney mentor who serves as a personal resource for firm policies, performance feedback and general advice.


WWHGD is no longer accepting applications for the Summer 2024 program. 


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