“Unusual Charges Pave Way For Fight In College Bribe Case”


In an article published on March 13 by Law360, Brooklyn Sawyers Belk is quoted discussing the 269-page complaint against 50 individuals accused of attempting to rig the college admissions system for their children, as many of those accused were parents. When asked about the situation, Sawyers Belk is quoted saying “This is a speaking complaint. I think [prosecutors] fronted this information because the defendants are people of means and they wanted to put out there the evidence is overwhelming.”  

She also added that the defense attorneys in this case will likely spend their time attacking the vague nature of the honest services charges and issues with fiduciary duty. She goes on to add that there is significant case law and history on honest services so there is much for defense attorneys to draw on. For the full article, you may click here.

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