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Experienced, Value-Driven Representation for Bond Providers

Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial understands our clients' bottom-line focus and provides high-quality, cost-effective representation that reflects that understanding. 

We provide our surety clients with a wide array of claims prevention methods and strategies, claims resolution assistance through aggressive negotiation and/or mediation, and litigation or arbitration services should they become necessary. 

Our Surety & Bond Practice is supported by the firm's nationally-recognized Construction Litigation Practice, which allows our surety clients access to top legal talent and literally hundreds of years of collective experience.

Members of our Surety & Bond Practice Group have assisted with all types of surety matters, including:


Not all bonds are created equal. Given our experience with a wide variety of bond forms, we can provide practical and effective solutions in nearly any claims situation. We are experienced in contract surety bonds, commercial surety bonds, court and probate bonds, U.S. Customs bonds, as well as fiduciary and fidelity bonds.

We use creative and cost-effective techniques to resolve our clients' claims and are known for our strategic approach. Our true experience and success in this area prompted the American Bar Association to request that we present to its members various alternative strategies that can be used to effectively resolve bond claims.

Engaging consultants, accountants or engineers may be necessary as part of any fairly significant bond claim defense. We help our clients manage these professionals as part of our commitment to providing efficient and value-driven representation.

WWHGD represents surety clients all across the United States in connection with both private and public bond matters, including Miller Act and Little Miller Act claims.


Members of our Bond & Surety Practice are trained in and experienced with the salvage efforts necessary to manage the claim resolution process. Our commercial litigation experience is particularly helpful to our surety clients as we aggressively pursue our clients’ rights to recover monies that may be owed based on indemnity, assignment, subrogation or any other rights the client may possess.

Our aggressive and efficient pursuit of salvage claims may involve asset investigation techniques when needed to discover the identity and location of third-party assets. Our surety attorneys use all tools allowed by law to provide “cash in pocket” salvage recovery. As an example, an attorney in our Surety & Bond Practice was recently successful in obtaining a pre-judgment attachment in the amount of $3.75 million, which allowed our client to freeze an indemnitor’s assets before a final judgment was obtained. That pre-judgment attachment became particularly powerful after a multi-million dollar judgment was obtained against an indemnitor on a Motion for Summary Judgment.


Our Surety & Bond Practice provides in-house training and seminars to better equip its surety clients with the tools and strategies necessary to avoid problems. Our claims avoidance programs are tailored to our clients’ needs, including the incorporation of underwriting strategies, specific bond forms, notice letters, claims procedures and agreements of indemnity.

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