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"How I Made It" Q&A Series and Daily Business Review
January 3, 2024

In an article published January 3, 2024 on, Jeremy Alberts is profiled highlighting his journey to becoming an office managing partner at the firm.

When asked about the unique challenges he faces in his role, Alberts shared, “Stepping into the role of managing partner of the Las Vegas office was for me, in and of itself, a new and exciting challenge. A unique set of challenges, however, presented themselves when I was asked to also serve as managing partner of the firm’s new office in Phoenix, Arizona. Yet, with each new challenge comes a new opportunity; the successes that this firm has realized over the years in the Las Vegas office are already taking shape in our Phoenix office.”

Alberts says he would tell his younger self to “not sweat the little things. A career is a marathon, not a sprint.” He added that to rise in the ranks to lead an office, he’d stress that you should “lead by example. Your actions set the standard.”

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