Kevin Williams and Carol Michel Praised for Their Work in Tough Win

Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial partners, Kevin Williams and Carol Michel, were praised for their professionalism and hard work on behalf of their client by the local counsel they collaborated with in a difficult New Mexico security case, even though they came into the case only one week before trial.

Carol Michel was described as “the epitome of professionalism.”  According to local counsel,   “Carol never missed a beat in her objections and she did not let the plaintiff’s lawyer back her down. Carol clearly got the lion’s share of the court’s rulings when pitted against the plaintiff’s lawyers. Perhaps, more important, she was able to establish credibility and trust with both the jurors and the judge, in a way some of the lawyers who had been on the case longer were not. What could be more important for a trial attorney?”

Likewise, Kevin Williams was also praised for his efforts on behalf of his client. Local counsel observed that, “Kevin had something that, unfortunately for the defense bar, one rarely sees displayed in a convincing way in a defense lawyer: passion, conviction and heart. I sometimes watch defense lawyers with amazement as they ‘deadpan’ it and bore the jury to death. I often get the feeling that they feel like it is hopeless and they are just counting on the appeal, while making their record. That hopelessness really speaks loud and clear to a jury. Not Kevin though – Kevin was a showstopper for the [p]laintiff. He goes for it. No holes barred. His passion woke up the jury and his heartfelt emotion increased the credibility of the [d]efendant’s case.”

Finally, local counsel noted that, “these two lawyers worked incredibly well together. Most of us watching them assumed they had worked together for years. They were a smooth complement to each other.”

WWHGD is renowned for the skill, dedication and professionalism of its attorneys and we applaud Kevin and Carol for their hard work and commitment to providing the finest legal representation to every client.

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