Alleged Wrongful Death by Mosquito Magnet

McCool v. Woodstream Corporation

Date: June 2016
Party represented: Woodstream Corporation
Venue: United States District Court, Southern District of Florida
State: Florida
Length of trial: 2 weeks
Type of case:

Products Liability; Wrongful Death


Defense verdict

The Plaintiff’s decedent was found fully clothed, lying face down in her backyard swimming pool.  A detective from the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department investigated the premises, and reported feeling progressively ill upon approaching a mosquito trap located near the swimming pool.  When the Detective finally placed his face within inches of the trap’s flue, he became asphyxiated and nearly fell backwards into the pool.  Based on the Detective’s symptomatology, Plaintiff’s counsel theorized that excessive carbon monoxide emissions from the mosquito trap, manufactured by Defendant, Woodstream Corporation, caused the decedent to lose consciousness, fall into the pool, and drown.  


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