Seven Pieces of Advice for Mid Level Associates

Hilliard Burton
Daily Report
April 9, 2024

In an article published on April 9, 2024, in the Daily Report, Hilliard Burton provides advice to junior and mid-level associates. Burton advises on seven tips that have helped him get to this stage in his career, including how to delegate and manage, take ownership, build your brand, consistency in delivery, the importance of turning in complete work, why you should take an interest in coworkers, and the need to be present. 

"Mid-level associates take on much more responsibility than newer associates. This requires that you take ownership of your cases and be proactive. You are now running some of your own cases, so take the time every week to look at each case and determine how to move the ball forward", says Burton. "Try to understand your boss's priorities, goals, and preferences, as well as the client's. Be aware of what support your colleagues need from you and bridge that gap."

Subscribers may access the article online here.

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