Partner Carol Michel Discusses Best Practices During Hospital Peer Review

Healthcare Risk Management

In an article published by Healthcare Risk Management on March 1, Carol Michel discusses the many factors to consider when choosing outside counsel for a hospital or health system. 

Choosing the right counsel involves considering a multitude of factors, including fees, availability, experience, size of the firm, and even whether it seems like a good fit culturally. 

It is important to determine the scope of what you are looking for this counsel to do. You should ask yourself, “Does the hospital want this attorney or firm to handle medical malpractice, general negligence, corporate negligence, or some combination of those?,” says Michel. 

Michel added that you should look for counsel that is experienced with defending particular types of healthcare organizations, as the specific issues and concerns will be different for hospitals, outpatient centers, or long-term care facilities. 

“You also need to choose someone who fits your needs subjectively. You want someone you are comfortable talking to, someone who communicates in a style that works for you, and be part of a team approach,” she says. 

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