Frustrated Feds Maneuver For Sterner 'Varsity Blues' Penalties


In an article published by Law360, Brooklyn Sawyers Belk discusses the new federal bribery charge—conspiracy to commit federal programs bribery—against parents in the "Varsity Blues" college admissions case. 

"By adding these new charges, the government now has an argument that you can sentence these defendants to a higher sentence without unwarranted sentencing disparities," explains Sawyers Belk. The new charges followed a spate of guilty pleas. Sawyers Belk shares that this essentially amounts to a trade-off to skirt facing a tougher case. 

Four of the parents appeared in a Boston court October 20, just before the new charges were announced, to change their pleas. In each hearing, when asked what promises had been made to encourage a guilty plea, the parent said they were promised that they would not face any additional charges. 

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