Complete Win for WWHGD Client in Construction Trial

Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial attorneys Steven Gonzalez and Matthew Marrone traveled to Jacksonville, Florida to try a complex construction case for Capps Land Management, Inc. - one of Florida’s largest civil site work contractors.  Capps was hired by the general contractor, Four-A Construction, Inc., to perform clearing, grading, and other earth work at a large, 22 acre commercial project site.  Capps sued Four-A, alleging that it was improperly terminated from the project and that it was due its contract balance. Four-A counter-sued, claiming that Capps had breached the contract by failing to perform work in a timely manner and that Capps’ work at the project was defective and required costly remediation.  The case also involved complex issues including project design and construction in an area known for its difficult soils; geotechnical engineering and soils analysis; and weather and owner-caused delays.  After a hard fought four-day trial, Capps was vindicated and the jury awarded Capps every penny of its claim, while also denying Four-A’s counterclaim in its entirety.  Steven and Matthew were supported by WWHGD’s Miami office, including associate Melissa Roque.



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