Female Duo Receives Defense Verdict in Trucking Accident

On May 9, 2012, Plaintiff Keith Williams lost control of his Chevy Blazer while navigating an on-ramp to I-285N in wet conditions.  Plaintiff spun out across several lanes of traffic and into the path of a tractor trailer driven by Bryan Marchant for CRST Dedicated, Inc. Despite his efforts to brake and steer left, Marchant was unable to avoid colliding with Plaintiff’s vehicle. Plaintiff, Keith Williams, age 31, suffered severe injuries, and the passenger in the Blazer was killed.

Plaintiff alleged that Defendant Marchant was fatigued and exceeding the posted speed limit in a lane prohibited for vehicles with more than 6 wheels. Plaintiff also alleged that Defendant Marchant violated various state statutes and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. In addition, Plaintiff sued the Georgia Department of Transportation alleging that GDOT's negligent maintenance of the subject ramp caused or contributed to Plaintiff’s loss of control. The defense argued that Plaintiff’s loss of control was caused by improper steering and speed and poorly maintained tires and that the loss of control was the sole cause of the collision. In closing, Plaintiff's counsel asked the jury for $3.5 million in damages which was ten times Plaintiff’s claimed special damages of $350,000.

Plaintiff was represented by Mathew Harman and Eric Fredrickson of Harman Law, LLC.  

The defense was represented by Brannon Arnold and Anna Idelevich with Gary Toman serving as appellate counsel.



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