Patient Alleges Medical Malpractice During Hospital Transfer

Plaintiff was allegedly misdiagnosed by the codefendant, an emergency room physician. Plaintiff was sent home from the hospital with anterior communicating artery aneurysm.  Thirty-two days later, his aneurysm ruptured, and he was brought to the hospital where our client Dr. Johnson, a neurosurgeon, took over his care. The Plaintiff needed a surgical procedure that WWHGD client did not perform, so he arranged for a transfer of the patient to Little Rock, Arkansas.  Unfortunately, there was no bed at the facility in Little Rock and instead of the transfer being immediate, it was six days before the Plaintiff was eventually transferred. Our defense, in addition to contributory negligence, was that the patient did not suffer any decline while he was at our facility and being treated by WWHGD's client.

Almost within eight hours of arriving in Little Rock, the Plainitff experienced a vasospasm which constricts blood flow to the brain and as a result he suffered a severe, irreversible brain damage. He's been confined to a nursing home for 10 years. The jury voted 11 -1 in favor of WWHGD's client. 


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