Huntsville-Madison County Jail Project

The Facts: The owner of the Huntsville-Madison County Jail Project terminated the general contractor for convenience and later claimed there were multiple construction defects on the project. Multiple lawsuits were filed and claims asserted between the owner, general contractor and various subcontractors. WWHGD represents the general contractor and this complex litigation has seen multiple trips to the Alabama Supreme Court.

Case Results: The owner filed suit against the general contractor client claiming several million dollars in damages related to work on the project performed by the general contractor and its subcontractors. After several years of litigation, WWHGD successfully defended the general contractor from the claims by the owner and was successful in obtaining a settlement of more than $2.5 million from the owner as a result of the termination. WWHGD is continuing to litigate claims with the subcontractors.

Number of Claimants:  Property owner and dozens of subcontractors

Location: Huntsville, Alabama

Status: Ongoing


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