Building Materials Supplier

The Facts: WWHGD’s client distributed drywall manufactured in China during the height of the construction boom in 2006. Much of the drywall is alleged to be defective in that it emits sulfur. Some of the drywall allegedly corrodes copper wiring and fixtures, as well as silver. WWHGD pursued the manufacturers of the drywall and their affiliates based in Germany and China, taking depositions and collecting documents across Europe and the Far East.

Discovery: WWHGD reviewed tens of thousands of documents.

Case Results: WWHGD served as trial counsel on the first contested Chinese Drywall case that went to trial in the U.S. The firm negotiated a class action settlement with the thousands of claimants and is pursuing the manufacturers under various legal theories.

Number of Claimants: More than 4,000 

Location: Hundreds of cases have been filed in every county south of Tampa and Orlando, Florida, as well as multi-district litigation in New Orleans Federal Court


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