Heart Surgeon/Pediatric Hospital

The Facts: WWHGD represents a world-renowned pediatric heart surgeon and children’s hospital in numerous suits alleging improper preparation of infants for open heart surgery for complex congenital heart defects.

Discovery: Reviewed and organized extensive medical records for plaintiffs and hundreds of other children similarly operated upon. Due to independent institutional claims, developed database of defendant hospital’s documents and e-mails.

Case Results: Two severely neurologically impaired cases settled favorably during trial (third case quickly settled). Two death cases tried with defense verdicts in each (one case reversed on appeal for judicial “misconduct”). One case recently resulted in plaintiff’s verdict substantially less than pretrial demand. Summary judgment granted in seven individual death cases (three due to standard of limitations; four due to disqualification of different plaintiffs’ experts). Other cases are scheduled for trial.

Number of Claimants: 15 deaths and three severely neurologically impaired children

Location: Wilmington, DE and Philadelphia, PA


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