Wrongful Death Claims for Infant Child

Dean v. Holliman

Date: May 2015
Party represented: Holliman
Venue: Bibb County State Court
State: Georgia
Length of trial: 7 days
Type of case:

Medical Malpractice; Wrongful Death


Plaintiff's verdict

This was a seven-day wrongful death/medical negligence jury trial in a historically plaintiff-friendly jurisdiction.  The plaintiffs alleged that the defendants (two OB/GYNs and the LLC that employed them) committed malpractice resulting in the premature birth, pain, suffering, and death of the plaintiffs’ male infant son, as well as the pain, suffering, and emotional distress of his mother.  The case involved complicated medical issues and testimony from multiple leading experts.  The jury returned a verdict for the plaintiff, but WWHGD obtained a favorable settlement for our defendant after filing post-trial motions.


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