Breach of Contract for Tax Center

Tax Law Center, et al. v. Babul

Date: October 2015
Party represented: Tax Law Center
Venue: Clark County
State: Nevada
Length of trial: 3 days
Type of case:

Breach of Contract


Plaintiffs' verdict

Defendant offered Plaintiffs (our clients: Tax Law Center and owner attorney Bob Grossman) a Bonus Agreement wherein Defendant agreed to pay Plaintiffs a bonus if they were able to reduce her more than $500,000 in tax debt owed to the IRS to less than $30,000 within 9 months.  Plaintiffs were able to convince the IRS to eliminate her tax debt entirely within the 9 month time period.  Defendant thereafter refused to pay the bonus arguing that the Bonus Agreement lacked consideration and that Plaintiffs failed to relieve the tax debt within the 9 month time period.  After a three day jury trial, the jury awarded Plaintiffs the full amount of the Bonus Agreement after finding that the Bonus Agreement was an enforceable contract and that Plaintiffs relieved Defendant of her tax debt within the 9 month time period.  



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