Complete Victory in Trial Regarding Distribution of LLC Interest

In re: Estate of Robert Suttles

Date: January 2016
Party represented: Bruce Thames
Venue: Probate Court of Fayette County
State: Georgia
Length of trial: 1 day
Type of case:

Probate Litigation


Court Compelled Distribution of LLC Interest

WWHGD client Bruce Thames was a beneficiary under the will of Robert Suttles under which he was to receive Suttles' interest in certain substantial LLC's.  The executor did not distribute the LLC interests for seven years and then contended that the will should be construed so that Thames would not be entitled to the LLC interests.  After a bench trial, the Probate Court construed the will in our client's favor and ordered distribution of the LLC interests to him.  Gary Toman was lead counsel for Mr. Thames. 



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