Defense Verdict: Kerr vs. Agoge Personal Training and Fitness, LLC d/b/a No Shelter CrossFit and CrossFit, Inc.

Party represented: CrossFit, Inc. and No Shelter CrossFit
Venue: Circuit Court of St. Louis City, Missouri, Division 27
Length of trial: 5 days

Defense verdict with zero percent of fault allocated to Defendants

Plaintiff sought to hold CrossFit, Inc. and its affiliate, No Shelter CrossFit, liable for a back injuries that Plaintiff claimed she received while performing the deadlift exercise at a CrossFit gym. Plaintiff claimed that CrossFit was negligent in failing to develop an appropriate exercise training program for its affiliates and in failing to supervise its affiliates. Plaintiff also claimed that CrossFit’s affiliate gym, No Shelter CrossFit, was negligent in failing to warn Plaintiff of the dangers associated with the exercise programming and in failing to appropriately train, supervise, and coach Plaintiff. A St. Louis City Court jury delivered a defense verdict following a week-long trial.



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