Golf Cart Accident

Burgess v. Pollard Agency, Inc.

Date: September 2012
Party represented: Pollard Agency, Inc.
Venue: Muscogee County Superior Court
State: Georgia
Length of trial: 3 days
Type of case:

Premises liability


Plaintiff's Verdict

This case arose out of a golf cart accident that occurred on May 28, 2008 on certain property for which Defendant Pollard Agency, Inc. provided security services as an independent contractor.  Plaintiff was riding in a golf cart with his co-worker taking pH readings from sewage manholes on his employer’s property.  Plaintiff alleged that Defendants allowed a Rottweiler dog onto the property which chased Plaintiff, causing him to lose control of the golf cart and strike a metal cable.  Plaintiff claimed to have suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of the incident.  WWHGD took over the case after default judgment had been entered on the issue of liability.  The case was tried solely on damages.  At trial, Plaintiff asked jury for $4-17 million.   The jury awarded $1.8 million which was reduced to $1.7 million after a post-judgment settlement.



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