Environmental Law and Toxic Tort

Environmental Law and Toxic Tort Litigation

Toxic torts and environmental claims are firmly ensconced in American litigation. Heightened emphasis on and awareness of the conditions of our environment has resulted in a dramatic rise in environmental-related litigation. In preparation for an era of further increasing claims and litigation, astute companies are focusing on their ability to better understand and manage legal issues tied to the environment. Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial's Environmental Law and Toxic Tort Practice Group is ready and able to help.

Environmental Law Cases and Clients

Services provided by our Environmental Law and Toxic Tort Practice Group include:

  • Representing product manufacturers and suppliers, building contractors, and property owners in claims alleging occupational and non-occupational exposure to a wide variety of toxicants including benzene, pesticides, fiberglass, formaldehyde, isocyanates, volatile organic compounds (“VOCs”), solvents, arsenic, heavy metals, PBB and PCB.
  • Representing property owners and managers in lead poisoning claims.
  • National defense counsel for flavoring manufacturers in diacetyl (popcorn lung) litigation.
  • Representing national nutritional supplement manufacturer involving allegations of dietary selenium poisoning.
  • Representing apartment complex owners following building wide carbon monoxide exposure and numerous injuries including wrongful death claims.
  • Representing government entities in toxic drinking water exposure lawsuits.
  • Representing diesel engine manufacturer in lawsuits alleging injuries as a result of malfunctioning exhaust system.
  • Representing aggregate mining company in a proposed class action alleging environmental contamination that purportedly caused an increase in pediatric brain cancer. 
  • Representing asbestos and silica manufacturers, suppliers and contractors in courts throughout the country.
  • Regional trial counsel for a major manufacturer of asbestos-containing products.  
  • National Coordinating Counsel for a leading building products manufacturer regarding formaldehyde personal injury and property damage claims.
  • Representing developers, contractors, property owners and managers, and landlords in personal injury and property damage actions alleging sick building syndrome and toxic mold.
  • Representing builders, developers and land owners in Clean Water Act and related common law claims. 
  • Defending CERCLA, RCRA and related state litigation and administrative proceedings, and defending and prosecuting private contribution actions.
  • Leaking Underground Storage Tank (“L.U.S.T.”) compliance and litigation.
  • Counseling businesses on state and federal regulatory compliance.
  • Counseling businesses and municipalities on Brownfield administrative proceedings.
  • Prosecuting and defending environmental insurance coverage claims and declaratory judgment actions.

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