What Mom-And-Pop Landlords Can Do To Relieve Eviction Ban Pressure

Forbes Advisor

In an article published by Forbes Advisor on February 12, 2021, Partner Matthew Kramer is quoted discussing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC)  recent extension on its eviction ban through March 31, which is forcing landlords to house people who would otherwise be homeless while still being responsible for mortgages and property taxes.

In some states, moratoriums are scheduled to extend even further. Landlords should seek counsel from local attorneys who can advise on local laws and regulations.

In South Florida, “courts generally interpret the CDC eviction moratorium as a blanket order, so they’re not inclined to look at eviction cases now, even those that include criminal activity,” Kramer says.

“The reality is, it’s next to impossible to evict a residential tenant under the CDC rules. I’ve had situations where the tenants have committed criminal acts, and it’s impossible for the landlord to evict,” he explains. “Unless there are some extenuating circumstances, landlords might be spinning their wheels trying to get an eviction case in front of a judge. It might be better to hold off until the moratorium expires.”

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