Is the Litigation Deck Stacked Against You?

5 Cards to Play When Responding to the Scene of a Work-Related Accident

Risk & Insurance
April 26, 2022

WWHGD Partners Brannon Arnold, Shannon Barrow and Anna Idelevich recently wrote an article which was published in Risk & Insurance. The article details why rapid response teams are critical to collecting and preserving evidence following catastrophic transportation accidents, outlining five critical steps to take in responding to an accident scene to ensure you are playing with a full deck of cards.

“Rapid response teams change the game. By gaining immediate access to the scene, the drivers, the roadway evidence, the authorities and the vehicles, you regain control over the evidence,” they wrote. “Rapid response teams ensure that no cards are left on the table so that you can play your right cards.”

The five critical steps include early expert involvement, evidence collection and preservation, compliance, driver support, and securing the paper trail.

Read more about how these actions can help you avoid a “bad hand of cards” in Risk & Insurance.

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