Construction Site Injuries: Avoiding and Limiting Liability

Construction Executive

In an article published in Construction Executive, Partners Aaron Cohn and Steven Gonzalez discuss how to identify and avoid liability related to construction site injuries. 

"Every state has developed some form of workers' compensation insurance that protects the statutory employers of those workers in the event of a jobsite injury," the authors write. "While the general structures are similar in each state and provide fairly broad protections for those involved on a construction project, there are pitfalls to be considered and protected against."

Cohn and Gonzalez further explain that developers and contractors alike would be wise to become familiar with common legal pitfalls on construction sites and establish protocols and controls to mitigate their risk. Common mistakes include employing workers without coverage, allowing third parties to provide services on the project, failing to emphasize safety and heed warnings, and allowing developers to act as co-contractors. 

"In short, the right insurance needs to be in place to cover the unexpected, and proper risk management is key to ensuring that owners and contractors get the full benefit of all insurance purchased to protect the respective companies," the authors conclude. 

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