Alan M. “Al” Maxwell Chairs ACI’s Foodborne Illness Litigation Conference


Weinberg, Wheeler, Hudgins, Gunn & Dial, LLC (“WWHGD”) partner Alan M. “Al” Maxwell recently chaired and spoke at the American Conference Institute’s Foodborne Illness Litigation Conference, February 28th and 29th, in Phoenix.  Al has developed a foodborne illness practice that is quickly garnering national attention.  He also heads WWHGD’s Foodborne Illness Practice Group.  In that capacity, he represents clients throughout the country in a broad range of matters, including defense of personal injury claims, insurance issues and regulatory compliance.  

Foodborne illness litigation has become increasingly prevalent as regional and national outbreaks from food contamination have grabbed headlines, raising concerns about the safety of the Nation’s food supply among consumers and lawmakers.  Foodborne illness and food contamination creates an enormous social and economic burden on communities, their health systems and the companies that produce and sell these products.  Federal and state investigators and enforcement agencies are aggressively pursuing and prosecuting companies that are identified as introducing contaminated food products into consumer distribution channels. 

Al is currently involved as counsel for parties or insurers involved in the 2006 spinach E. coli outbreak, 2006 Taco Bell E. coli outbreak, 2007 Botulism outbreak, 2006 and 2007 Salmonella outbreaks (peanut butter and pot pies) and several recent outbreaks associated with intact cuts of meat and ground beef.  As of March 2008, Al has handled more than 400 claims stemming from the spinach and Taco Bell E. coli outbreaks. In excess of 20,000 claims have been presented in the Salmonella cases in which Al is involved.

Al is also a leading speaker on foodborne illness litigation.  Al will be a guest speaker at “Who’s Minding the Store” Food Safety Symposium on April 11th and 12th hosted by the Seattle University School of Law.  Al also will participate as a speaker at the 4th Annual Food Safety Management Conference,  Canada’s premier conference on food safety, June 17th and 18th in Toronto.  Finally, Al has been invited to speak at the China International Food Safety & Quality Conference in Beijing China, which takes place on September 24 and 25, 2008.

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