Combating the 'Rambo' Litigator: Learn How to Defeat Lawyers Who Employ Dirty Litigation Tactics to Win at Any Cost

ACC Georgia Newsletter

Brannon Arnold authored an article for ACC Georgia’s December 2019 newsletter discussing “Rambo” litigators and common tools that can help you disarm and defeat this difficult adversary. 

Arnold explained that Rambo litigators use rudeness as a weapon and violate rules of procedure and professionalism to gain a tactical advantage. “However, when combating a Rambo litigator, you can still achieve your objectives with civility, poise and professionalism,” said Arnold. 

While dealing with a Rambo litigator is never easy and they can test your patience, the proper weapons will help you prepare for battle. Being prepared, documenting everything, picking your battles and not engaging are just some tools that can help you defeat this challenger.

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