Preventing and Responding to Food Borne Illness Outbreaks

Modern Restaurant Management

In an article published by Modern Restaurant Management on October 4, 2019, Josh Swiger advises restaurants on how to prevent and respond to a foodborne illness outbreak. 

“Even the most safety-conscious establishments are susceptible, and failure to prevent an outbreak, or respond appropriately if one occurs, can have disastrous consequences,” he states.

Swiger discusses preventative measures restaurants can take, including ensuring food provided by vendors is not contaminated, and proactive steps restaurants should take if an outbreak does occur. 

“Restaurants should consider strategies to manage risk including through the use of well-crafted vendor contracts,” he explains, adding that if an outbreak does occur, “A good lawyer can act as a liaison with various health agencies and potentially impact the scope of the investigation and make sure that the restaurant is not being unfairly targeted.” 

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