Marquita Jordan, as Personal Representative of Sincere Jordan, Deceased v. H.J. Russell & Company, et al.

Date: November 17, 2022
Party represented: H.J. Russell & Company
Venue: State Court of Fulton County
State: Georgia
Length of trial: 6 days
Type of case:

Premises Liability


Defense Verdict

This premises liability case involved the shooting death of a 10-year-old boy at the Rolling Bends Apartments in Atlanta, Georgia. The apartment complex had a substantial amount of prior shootings despite robust efforts to provide security.

Plaintiff alleged that three witnesses saw a young boy walking around the apartments with a gun the week before the shooting and that the security company working for the apartment owner/manager failed to confiscate the gun from the child, which subsequently resulted in a group of boys being left alone with the gun before it fired and killed 10-year-old Sincere Jordan.

Plaintiff's last demand before trial was $26 million. Defendants' last offer before trial was $6 million. Plaintiff asked the jury to award $52-$100 million in closing argument.

After deliberating for 3-4 hours, the jury returned a complete defense verdict, absolving the Defendants of any liability.



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