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Marathon Runner Brain Aneurysm Ruptures

Shirley Martin, Individually, and as Administratrix of the Estate of Charlotte Martin v. Jason Billinghurst, M.D.

Date: November 2014
Party represented: Jason Billinghurst, M.D.
Venue: Dekalb County State Court
State: Ga
Length of trial: 6 days
Type of case:

Medical Malpractice; Wrongful Death


Defense Verdict

A 43-year-old former marathon runner collapsed at work when an aneurysm in her brain ruptured.  She eventually died after two days in intensive care.  Nine days before the patient collapsed, the defendant orthopedic surgeon had discovered a suspected large brain aneurysm on a scan of the patient’s cervical spine and advised her to see a neurosurgeon.  This was not done before the aneurysm ruptured.  After a five-day trial featuring testimony from top neurosurgeons, the plaintiff (the patient’s mother) requested $25 million in damages during closing argument.  That afternoon, the DeKalb County jury returned a verdict for the defense.  The WWHGD trial team also successfully defended the plaintiff’s post-trial appeal, which was dismissed on defense motion.



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