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11 Consecutive Victories for Trial Ace Bob Tanner

ATLANTA (January 20, 2012)—With his latest victory in December 2011, Partner Bob Tanner has now tallied 11 consecutive defense verdicts representing doctors and nurses in medical malpractice cases. With 35 years of trial experience, Tanner is considered by many as the dean of the medical malpractice defense bar. It is widely believed that he has tried more medical malpractice cases than any other attorney in Georgia. His 11 trial victories include: 

Farley v. Zellmer: Defense of a radiologist in a case in which the plaintiff suffered facial scarring allegedly due to improper restraints during a barium enema.

Shannon v. Mann: Defense of an anesthesiologist in a case alleging the wrongful death of a stroke patient.

Harris v. Newnan Hospital: Defense of a hospital in a case involving vestibular toxicity following claimed inappropriate antibiotic administration.

Campbell v. Crisco: Plaintiff alleged defendant pathologists failed to communicate proper diagnosis.

Craft v. Elbert Memorial Hospital: Defense of a hospital in a wrongful death case.

Buchanan v. Price: Defense of a general practitioner in the wrongful death of a pneumonia patient who allegedly was discharged prematurely without proper antibiotic coverage.

Rogers v. Kimani: Defense of a pulmonologist in a case alleging the wrongful death of a young mother from undetected internal bleeding. The first trial resulted in a hung jury. The case was retried and resulted in a defense verdict.

Korsunskiy v. Dillard: Defense of an ear, nose and throat specialist in a case alleging partial blindness following nasal surgery.

Muhei v. Ballard: Plaintiff alleged gastroenterologist client failed to diagnose cancer resulting in a wrongful death.

Lane v. Banit: Plaintiff claimed orthopedic surgeon client perforated bowel during surgery leading to severe infection, infection and near death of the plaintiff.

Nolan v. Haynes: Plaintiff alleged orthopedic surgeon client failed to diagnose an infection of the elbow resulting in four surgeries and permanent impairment of the elbow joint.

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